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Ok so in this internet marketing tutorial I’m going to focus on the best keywords to target when doing affiliate marketing, Buyer Keywords. These days its pretty rough out there for the lone affiliate marketer. Its not as easy as writing a keyword rich article then blasting it with thousands of auto generated back links created by some SEO Software.

That aint gonna work at all. In fact its a quick way to send your site to the depths of the rankings never to return! When this happens its often called being “Sandboxed”. I’ve no idea why but trust me thats what its called search engine optimization - keyword selection

So what are these “Buyer Keywords”?

I’m glad you asked. These keywords are the terms that people type into Google when they’ve already decided to buy something. Did you get that?

Let me say it again….

Buyer keywords are search terms that people type into Google when they are have already decided to buy.

You may have found yourself doing recently. Maybe you were looking for a cheap deal on some shoes? Or perhaps you were looking for the best deal on the new iPad 3? Try and think about the last time you bought something online. What did you type into Google? That was a buyer keyword.finding the write keywords

Is there a list of Buyer Keywords?

Actually there is something even better than that. There is a matrix. Ohhh yeah baby I got ya covered here. I’ve gone ahead and created a nice little table that you can use to build your own buyer keywords.

Check it out below:

I gotta give props to Craig Mako for opening my eyes to this. Thanks Craig! Now the way you use it is pretty simple. You take your product that you’re trying to sell online and you just grab one of the terms in the matrix and either place in front or behind your product name.

Lets do an example. Say my product was the iPad 3. Using the matrix I could create the following keywords:

iPad 3 comparison
iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tablet
buy iPad 3
buy iPad 3 online
help me buy iPad 3
There you go. That took me all of about 2mins to come up with those keyword phrases. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think of my Buyer Keyword matrix.

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