Radio Heads

What Is A Radio Head?
At radio 92.9 we give you more music and less blah blah blah.

We want this radio station to be different. That’s where Radio Heads come in…

Radio Heads are the most important part of radio 92.9. It’s about you! We listen to your suggestions and complaints, and adjust what we do so that this station is everything YOU want it to be. It’s that simple.

Benefits of being a Radio Head
Radio heads are a group of radio 92.9 listeners who are in ‘the loop’ about concerts, exclusive parties and events; because we let you know first!

Subscribe to our emails and get up to the minute news and info about contests, festivals, and what’s going on around town. We’ll even throw in cool new songs that you can download for free!

How about grabbing the latest CD from artists like R.E.M, Jack Johnson, and the Counting Crows BEFORE they are available to the public? Well, we randomly pick radio heads and send them advance releases all the time!

Get involved
You have a voice and we want to hear it!

How ‘bout reviewing a new movie, TV show, CD, or concert and we may post it for all radio heads to see.

We’re going to ask for your feedback about the music we play, stuff we give away, events, and more. We may even ask you to stop by the station to give us your feedback in person.