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Week of May 30 – June 6
This week in rock history
1967 – Doors debut on US singles chart with Light My Fire.
1982 – First of a week of peace gigs begins when Stevie Wonder, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and others play to 85,000 in Los Angeles for Peace Sunday.
1989 – Veronica gives Elvis Costello his first US Top 30 hit.
1992 – More than a million people vote in a contest conducted by the U.S. Postal Service. The “Young Elvis” stamp design beats the”Vegas Elvis”.
1993 – U2 signs a 10 year, six album deal with Island Records. The deal includes a 25% royalty rate.
90’s Trivia
(answers below the poll )
1) What band cracked Britain’s Top 40 with a 14-minute recording of two if its members arguing, called Wibbling Rivalry?

2) What Pixies spinoff band was dubbed the “Bangles From Hell”?

3) What one-named musician took the stage at Woodstock ’99 wearing nothing but his bass?

90’s Trivia (answers)
1) Oasis
2) The Breeders
3) Flea